The Perfect Formula For Awesomeness


It’s funny how time can feel so contrarily elastic sometimes, like at the 12th Auto Expo. Each never-ending day just flew by. From waking up at 5am to passing out at 3: 30am, it absolutely was all a deliciously maddening rush. After the day, only my feet were true witnesses on the many kilometres spent walking up and down the halls. However the noodles in the noggin still stirred restlessly, thinking of what remained being covered.

The full Autocar team was working non-stop to do justice for the Expo and to all the people logging onto our website to get the very latest on all the action. Our secret to getting stuff done was our own WhatsApp group, by which all the updates from the press conferences were relayed to the rest of the team members, including those at the Mumbai office, from where the stories were going live. I assure you, our phones never stopped buzzing for even an additional.

The 12th Auto Expo was chest-thumpingly well organised. It came across as professionally managed rather than as some fiefdom languishing from neglect like it has been in the past. Nonetheless, I still have to grumble. Day 2 was really a mess with far too many “business visitors”. I could only propose that the next Expo have two “press-only” days. Else, I won’t be very impressed to see most manufacturers doing pre-Auto Expo unveils like Tata, Hyundai and Ford, to avoid the chaos. And that might be a real pity as the Auto Expo has never shown as much promise as this.

Visiting the 300. The Auto Expo coincided using our preparation to the 300th episode of the Autocar Show. That’s a chocolate cake with chocolate icing on top. It’s been six years since we kicked off this journey. Again, I can’t help but wonder about that special quality time has which makes it possible for a whole lot to happen in what feels like a day or two. If left just to Hormazd, Renuka and I, turning the show out week after week would have been impossible. But there are lots of more capable hands, tireless feet and outspoken voices that make the Show what it is. So, to all of those, “Thanks”. And thanks for watching. We’re pretty sure we’ll give you enough reason to hold tuning in.

Stay on Top of Technology and Style

It is so difficult to keep up with each of the advances around us. I am just always seeking to stay on the top of the latest trends and designs, but whatever I do, I feel like I’m always still in the dark. I feel that I have got a decent handle on what is going on in the music industry, and I read my “Bon Appetite” every month to discover new recipes, but neither of those really prepare me for those cutting edge products that appear to flood the market from time to time. Here are some great innovative products that test the boundaries of technology and magnificence at the same time.

The hybrid Pathfinder

The new Nissan Pathfinder may come as a hybrid. Think on that for any second. This is a sports utility vehicle that could travel off road, and conquer national parks and still provide you with excellent gas mileage. A few years ago, the very thought of something like this would have been laughable, but this, now and products similar to this, are infiltrating our driveways and parking spaces and inspiring us. They let us know that we is most likely the kind of rugged person that we should be and still carry around the values that make us proud and individual. I love off-roading, but I also love the thought of having my actions count. It’s essential to me to experience a smaller carbon footprint than other people, and I hope that my choices and actions can inspire others to be more environmentally aware. There are a lot of hybrid trucks and cars available now, but there are hardly any that rival the Pathfinder in safety and look. The Nissan Pathfinder is the perfect vehicle for you should you be the kind of person who wants to balance a rugged and action packed life by having an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Go to or and make preparations to take the plunge!


An iPad

Stop laughing, and just take a look at one. An iPad may be the quintessence of technology and style. Apple has the market cornered in relation to sleek designs, and you can tell an Apple product anywhere because even without any buttons, it looks enjoy it could accomplish anything imaginable. I believe this trend of technology and style began with regards to a decade ago with the first generation of your iPod. Growing up, bigger meant better. However, as style and technology are merging, just the opposite is true. If style and technology keep evolving on his or her current paths, we’ll soon be carrying computers that will fit in our wallets, it appears to be to me that. Oh wait, we already are, our phones.


It’s exciting to find out the new gadgets that come out every year. Now cars need to be compatible with certain operating systems. It will probably be exciting to come up with what will be commonplace in a few years!


Range Rover Evoque Could Work For You


What do you do when your new car has won 157 international automotive awards, is the fastest selling car the company has ever produced, but at three years of age, needs some extra pizzaz? You give it more luxury, more performance, more connectivity and a distinctive new (albeit slightly silly) name. Last month Range Rover flagged its intention to bring the most performance-focused Evoque yet to Geneva, and we’ve now had the opportunity to see it in the flesh. Meet the Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic.

The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show (Photo: CC Weis…The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show (Photo: CC Weis…The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show (Photo: CC Weis…The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show (Photo: CC Weis…View all
Phoenix Orange metallic paint job aside, the Evoque Autobiography Dynamic has enough new features to tempt existing owners back to their dealerships for an upgrade.

The Evoque with the silly name will only be available with a turbo-charged 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 281 hp and a very healthy 400 Nm of torque, though Land Rover has not released details of exactly where peak power and peak torque are achieved in the rev range.

Just the same, that’s a substantial 45 hp and 60 Nm increase compared with the existing Range Rover Evoque – more than some cars get in total. The performance gains have been achieved with a new single-scroll turbocharger, new engine management software and a freer-flowing exhaust system with “”an appropriately muscular sound to complement the vehicle’s enhanced handling.

The Autobiography Dynamic is available in coupé or 5-door body styles
The 9-speed ZF automatic transmission with adaptive shift program has been retuned so that it will respond more readily to driver inputs, even when the gearshift is still sitting next to D (Drive). The transmission’s Sport mode and steering-wheel-mounted CommandShift paddle-type gear-selector offer more of the same. Land Rover claims “”a noticeable increase in mid-range performance and gearshifts that seamlessly adapt to driver behavior.

All Autobiography Dynamics will come with the company’s active driveline as standard equipment. Active driveline improves traction, enhances agility and improves fuel efficiency by engaging (or disengaging) four-wheel drive automatically as required. The active driveline switches to front-wheel drive during steady-state driving at speeds over 22mph, reducing drag losses from the rear drivetrain. When needed, the four-wheel-drive system automatically reactivates within 300 milliseconds.

The active driveline system also automatically distributes torque between the rear wheels, and can lock them together, all providing improved traction off road, and enhancing performance on it.

Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVB) functionality is standard equipment on the Autobiography Dynamic, operating on all four wheels to reduce understeer.

Completing a range of performance improvements, the front brake discs have been enlarged to 350mm, steering has been revised for greater precision, agility and turn-in response while the adaptive dampers have been recalibrated and their spring rates have been made firmer. According to the press materials, this has been achieved “”without impacting on the Range Rover Evoque’s compliant ride quality, though firmer springs are firmer springs and it will be interesting to see how the company has achieved this.

Smartphone integration – almost
Probably the most interesting aspect of the new car is its integration of the smartphone, a feature which will shortly become available as an option across the entire Range Rover range, using the company’s InControl App.

Once your phone is connected to the vehicle’s USB port, InControl Apps enables vehicle-optimized smartphone apps to be displayed and controlled with their original look and feel from the Evoque’s touchscreen.

Land Rover’s InControl Apps enables owners to summon roadside assistance or the emergency …
Though it might take some time for app developers to “”vehicle-optimize”” their apps, a number of well-known apps will be available at launch, including iHeartRadio, AutoStitcher, Glympse, Sygic, Parkopedia, Hotelseeker, Cityseeker, Eventseeker, News on Board, Winston and MobileDay.

Though the InControl Apps solution is not perfect, it’s a step in the right direction. With Apple now making a significant (if seemingly obvious) push to embrace the car dashboard with CarPlay (which looks set to find its way into the vehicles of a number of major auto manufacturers, including Jaguar Land Rover), better mirroring the music streaming, location services, weather services, contact databases … and everything else we’re accustomed to using when we’re not driving a vehicle, seems greatly enhanced.

All of this is good news for the consumer as it makes sense to use the same interface and software we all use all day every day when we’re driving, even if it’s just to minimize driver distraction.

The Silly Name
Finally, if you’re wondering where the “”Autobiography Dynamic”” name came from, it is the new range-topping Evoque and Land Rover is hence positioning it above the existing Pure, Dynamic and Prestige versions. As it’s sporty, like the Dynamic model, it got the rather cumbersome double-barrel name.

I guess this is the wrong time to point out that maybe Biography might have been a better choice of names – if someone else has bothered to write a biography, then you are indeed a somebody (which is what the name infers), whereas any pretentious shmutz can pen their own autobiography.

When You Could Sur An Insurance Company After Car Accident


You may be able to sue an insurance company after an auto accident for personal pain, suffering and injuries, property damage and lost pay. It is not uncommon for insurance providers to offer you a settlement if you didn’t cause the accident, but many won’t. Should that happen, bringing a civil suit may be the only method to receive the money you deserve.


1.Open an insurance claim with the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. Do this within 30 days of when the accident occurred to proceed by using a lawsuit. You should have obtained insurance information from that driver at the scene of the accident. Once the claim is open, you have 3 years to sue the insurance company.

If you were injured, 2.Seek medical attention following the accident. In the event you did not receive medical attention just after the accident, if you are suing for personal pain, suffering and injurylost and suffering wages, you will have a tough time proving your case.

3.Follow your primary care doctor’s advice to deal with your injuries. If your doctor wants one to undergo tests or go to physical therapy, practice it. Your own auto insurance company should cover medical expenses that result from the accident, as much as the limit on your policy. If your treatment exceeds that limit, you can sue for the excess amount.

4.Plan a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. The bar association in your state can assist you locate a lawyer in your area. Prior to deciding to schedule a consultation, there are many accidental injuries lawyers; be sure to follow up for references and look for reviews to discover the reputation and success rate for any lawyer.

5.Gather your records before going to the consultation. Documents might incorporate a copy of the insurance policy, the insurance policy information of your at-fault driver, a copy of your police report (if there seemed to be one), as well as a copy of your respective medical records. If you have a case, the personal injury lawyer needs all of these to ascertain.

6.Hire the personal injury lawyer in case you have a valid case. You should not be forced to pay the lawyer unless you win your lawsuit. If you win or settle your lawsuit, most lawyers charge 33 percent in the compensation amount.

7.Follow your lawyer’s advice always. Your lawyer will contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company and present them a settlement demand. Negotiations will go forth and back until the insurance company makes a final offer. You may choose to accept that offer or go to court.

Some of the Worlds Costliest Items

Ever thought about how you’d spend your millions if you won the jackpot in the lottery? Sure you have . . . everybody does. Here are a few of the most expensive items in the world, just to give you a few ideas.


Charles Hollander Chess Set – around $600,000 this might make the perfect gift for the chess master who had everything . . . and happened being married into a lottery winner. Seven of these chess sets have been created with 320 carats of white and black diamonds. This is one magnificent bit of kit.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – at $35 million this one needs a major lottery win, not just a couple of million . . . although if cars are the thing there are a few great choices at which certainly don’t need a lottery win to make them affordable. Look at and find out for yourself. Right, back to the Ferrari – it was sold to a private collector in britain recently so that it is the most expensive motor in the world.


Hotel Room – when it comes to hotel rooms they don’t come much more expensive than spending a night from the Royal President Suite of the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. It costs a whopping $65,000 per night but there are 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms plus spectacular views across the lake.

Heintzman Crystal Piano – at a cool $3.2 million this 9 foot piano was created in Beijing and bought with a private bidder when put out to auction. Probably Elton John or someone similar . . . just a thought.

Haute Joaillarie Watch from Chopard – at first glance this looks a lot more like a cluster of glitter than a timepiece but there is a wrist watch in there somewhere. This rather opulent diamond studded monstrosity is priced at $25 million – who says money buys good taste?

Painting Number 5, Jackson Pollock, 1948 – for $140 million you might plan to the painting to be actually of something – not just a selection of random blobs. If his paintings sell for that sort of money who can blame him, oh well?

Antillia Mumbai House – a downtown Mumbai house has 600 staff and a $2 billion price tag – and is definitely a unusual design indeed, the truth is it looks much more like a transformer.

Heidsieck Monopole 1907 Champagne – a bottle on this rather expensive plonk costs $25,000 however . . . there are only 2000 bottles in existence which were discovered by underwater explorers of an old shipwreck. Once it’s one it’s gone, there’s forget about where that came from.

Prestige HD Supreme Television, Rose Edition – will set you back $2.3 million, I really hope it gets a good clear picture. Hand sewn and studded with diamonds, the purchase price tag is very high because this rather vulgar item is protected with alligator skin.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – at $16.2 million it will certainly make a statement sitting on any finger.

Feather from the Extinct Huia Bird – at a cost of $8,000 for just one feather, this is certainly surely the most expensive feather in the world.


Raphael’s Head of a Muse Drawing – this sketch was bought from 2009 for $47.9 million more than doubling the original estimate of around $20 million. – no, I’m not slipping in another advertisement, but is considered the most expensive website address in the world valued at an incredible $16 million. They must sell a lot of car insurance to make it worth their while.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, what would you spend your millions on?

Basic Things With Winter Tires


If you live in the Snow Belt, you’re probably knowledgeable about this scene: A tall SUV with lots of ground clearance speeds by on a snow-packed highway. Miles later you find the vehicle, spun out on the side of the road and getting pulled out by a wrecker.

What most don’t realize is that the type of tires you’re riding on have a lot to do with how secure you happen to be on a slick road.

Driving out in the blizzard within your hulking SUV with nearly bald all-season tires is downright silly; it’s like setting outside in the snow in a down jacket and all sorts of the right thermal gear but forgetting to swap the mocs for boots.

Ultimate grip is simply as good as the contact patch that the tires have along with the grip they may manage. “”That connection with the earth is all you need to work with, said Mark Cox, director of your Bridgestone Winter Driving School, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

If you have a job or position that requires you drive on snowy or icy winter roads before they’re properly cleared, you should get winter tires, according to Jennifer Stockburger, a tire test engineer at Consumer Reports, quite simply. “”You can’t beat the added traction of a winter tire, she said.

“”All season tires are good where you might get occasional snow, says John Nielsen, director of AAA’s Auto Repair and purchasing Network. But you should consider M S (snow and mud) tires, at the minimum, if you live anywhere that might see even occasional winter conditions.

The five main types of tires today are summer, all-season, Mwinter and S, and studded.

Not nubby anymore

Not too long ago, winter tires were easy to spot from a distance, because of their very aggressive tread and rough edges. Today’s winter tires still do have deeper, more open tread patterns that are better at digging in, but they achieve their performance all the from a different type of rubber as they do from the careful, subtle design of the tread pattern details.

“”Winter tires are created to stay pliable in cold temperatures, said Stockburger, “”and the pliability is going to help on ice, said Stockburger, especially in one of the most slippery situations, when the sun comes out and it’s just below freezing, melting just a thin top layer of packed snow or ice and creating a thin layer water on top. “”Rubber sticks to ice, so as long as you can get rid of the water in between you’ll have some grip, Cox explained, saying that the very best tires today use a compound with small pockets that trap water droplets and fling them outward.

M S is actually a designation that’s based on tread pattern, not compound-essentially the same in principle as old-style snow tires-so M S tires might not fare as well on ice. Seek out that “”mountain and snowflake”” symbol for assurance how the compound is softer, or the term “”studless ice and snow”” in referring to true winter tires.

“”Winter tires have come so far. They really are a different breed from ten years ago, assessed Nielsen.

Studded tires, which typically employ 80 to 100 small embedded metal studs into the tire’s tread pattern, to help it dig into hard-packed ice and snow, are less necessary than they used to be but remain an option for anyone in some snowy, mountainous areas-mainly portions of the Rocky Mountain states and also the Northwest. Although these tires do provide a little extra traction in some kinds of icy conditions, they do measurable damage to the roadway surface and most drivers will be equally well off using winter tires and carrying chains for extreme situations.

Tradeoffs as being the weather changes

Once you get winter tires installed, you could possibly notice an improvement on dry pavement. Specifically if the weather’s warmer, the best winter tires are going to be a little “”squishier and more compliant”” on dry pavement, said Cox, by using a slight drop in ultimate dry-road cornering grip. Lots of people initially say the vehicle feels “”a little loose, in corners, added Matt Edmonds, v . p . of Tire Rack.

But as soon as you’re on a slippery surface, you’ll notice the positives, and safer, more predictable handling as you’re sliding is one of them. “”Whenever you lose grip, winter tires give you some feedback, so there’s a better chance of regaining grip, Cox said, adding that standard all-season radials, when they become snow-packed, will lose grip suddenly and it’s more difficult to regain control until the car stops skidding.

The identical physical rules that cause winter rubber compounds to become overly soft in hot weather also make summer performance tires dangerous because the weather turns cold. High-speed-rated ones — in cold weather and on slippery roads, winter tires are a must, if you plan to get a vehicle containing low-profile performance tires — especially stiffer. Most of these tires might not exactly only forget to dig into the snow, they’re also not effective in moving moisture taken care of. And even on firm, dry asphalt, summer performance tires don’t grip as well at colder temperatures.

A relatively new segment of your market is the one about performance winter tires. In sizes to fit performance cars, and carrying higher speed ratings, they “”have a little more road feel in dry conditions”” at winter temperatures, said Edmonds, but Consumer Reports has found that “”some of the best winter tires are in reality poor for dry braking, according to Stockburger.

Don’t use those winter tires year-round, though, even though you’re happy to live with the tradeoffs if the mercury rises. “”They will wear out in no time when the weather warms up, said Nielsen.

On the notion of the overconfident SUV driver, using inadequate tires with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive puts you in the dangerous position of being able to accelerate more confidently than other vehicles, without being able to brake or steer any much better than them. All-wheel-drive versions are usually heavier too, which might create a vehicle more difficult to control in the skid, all else the same.

According to Cox, who says the common belief is that low-slung, rear-wheel-drive vehicles are dangerous on winter roads, rear-wheel drive vehicles are going to gain the most from a winter tire, in winter conditions. “”From experience, that’s far from the truth. If you put a good winter tire upon it, you can drive it year-round.

An investment that can pay off

It’s more than that. Contemplating safety and economics, it might just save you from slick-road fender-benders, and the expense of a set of winter tires is less than a typical insurance deductible.

With no single tire that performs well enough year-round for places with harsh winters, it makes sense to possess two groups of tires, seasonally rotating the set of winter rubber with all-season or summer treads.

There’s no doubt winter tires are pricey. The standard price of V-speed-rated tires — among the higher, more costly ratings — is $99 each, as the average expense of winter tires is $101 each, according to Consumer Reports. Winter tires don’t last as many miles as their all-season counterparts. That may be adding to the impact. Stockburger said that winter tires should last three or four winters, typically, or about 30,000 miles. Cox cautioned, when you reach half of the very first tread depth, “”Even a half-worn winter tire is no superior to an all-season radial in the snow, though it would still retain an edge on ice.

“”We tend to think of winter tires like a two- to three-season investment, said Edmonds. “”While your winter tires are on the car, your other set of tires is resting.

That, and you probably possess some extra assurance.

GM Recalls Recent Car Releases


General Motors has recalled 1.6 million vehicles because of a faulty ignition switch (PDF). GM said a heavy key ring or a “jarring event,” such as running off the road, could cause the ignition to slip out of position, shutting off the power and causing the air bags to fail in a crash. GM has linked 12 deaths to the defective switch. A recent review of federal crash data (PDF) commissioned by the Center for Auto Safety identified 303 deaths in GM cars with undeployed airbags.

This recall has cast a spotlight on serious, chronic failures in identifying safety defects in the vehicles we drive. Further, it has exposed another example of delayed manufacturer response and reporting known problems that result in deaths and injuries to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, has joined with a coalition of public-interest organizations in calling on Congress (PDF) to investigate the actions that could have contributed to this tragedy. Hearings are expected in the coming weeks.

Crash investigations by NHTSA, government inquiries, and media reports indicate that GM might have effectively ignored the problem for nearly a decade and failed to correct it.

You are the Only Wizard inYour Oz

They claim that good things happen to people who wait. Well, I don’t know about that. Good things happen to those who make great things happen when you ask me. There’s really something to become said for the idea that you will be making your life use the turns you want. You will your way of life to happen, you don’t wait around for it to occur to you. If you are an ambitious person like me, you need to grab life by its metaphorical horns instead of hoping that it takes you where you want to go, though i’m not advocating which everybody lose his / her patience. It really is about attitude. A great way to end up in the mindset of driving your life as opposed to just going along for the ride is to get the proper car.

A Nissan

The 2015 number of Nissan cars and trucks is mind blowing. It showcases a number of hybrids, from the practical and sexy Altima, for the rugged and handsome Pathfinder. It also boasts the famous Z series, which can best be identified as a spaceship on wheels. I can’t wait till they come out with a hybrid of this!


Personally, I really like Nissans for his or her safety, their class along with their reliability. My very first car was a Nissan. If you’re interested in checking out the exciting offers at Nissan today, go to or and prepare to be excited.

Surround yourself with people much better than you, and listen to what they have to say. Either visit a different room, or you better think again, if you think you’re the smartest person within the room. Curiosity is contagious, and anyone with any amount of success has a boatload of curiosity to go around. I be sure to always keep my inner circle filled with people that I know I will learn from and who inspire me to always be at my best.


When you find yourself inspired and feeling good about yourself, the sky truly is the limit. A great way to gain confidence is to gain knowledge. They say that knowledge is power, and power is sexy, so through that transitive property knowledge is sexy. Go on a class! Study a new language or craft. Learn to invest or in regards to the political climate. The beautiful thing about finding yourself in a new class is that you are immediately surrounding yourself with other people who are curious and hoping to get ahead exactly like you! I’ve recently started taking a martial arts class, and though I’m sore daily and I often daydream about sleeping, I feel so great about myself and I’ve learned that I’m my own worst enemy in terms of finding success. So, take a risk and then make your life that life that you want.


Tips To Make Your Car Survive Winter


Note to Reader 1: So we’ve learned from the previous post that it’s important to keep your ride spick and span during the winter season and that you need to have a great set of snow tires available for your trips around town… In this follow-up post, we’ll be discussing other maintenance tips. Some of which are winter-specific, and other helpful reminders that you should note down and conduct even after the winter season. So, without further ado, I present to you Part II of “Winter Reminders for Every Driver: The Right Maintenance Steps”.

Tip # 3: Keep Your Headlights Clean and Snow-Free As Much As Possible, Even If You Don’t Think You’ll Be Using Them. During the winter season, days generally become shorter. If it’s snowing pretty bad in your area, then you can expect inches of snow to cling to your headlights, limiting your driving visibility greatly. One of the downsides of snowy weather is how your surroundings can become dark as night in a matter of hours-sometimes even just minutes! You’re driving and just minutes after light snow coats your hood, it becomes more and more difficult to see oncoming vehicles. And we all know how difficult it is to trust your brakes when your vehicle is crawling through icy streets. This is why it pays to have fully-functional headlights which you can use during poor visibility conditions. (Fog lights are generally used during the winter, but it pays to have an awesome pair of headlights too.)

Another reason why it pays to clean out your headlights before you travel is that it helps prevent the buildup of sand, salt and snow and other debris which could cause long-term damage to your headlights. These harmful agents can easily diminish the effectiveness of your headlights in the long run, requiring you to replace both headlight assemblies come spring. By keeping your headlights in tiptop condition instead, save more.

One way you can resist the temptation of ignoring headlight-maintenance during winter is by bringing out your shop towels and rags while you’re still at home. This way, you’ll be reminded to wipe the thin sheet of ice coating your tail lights before you pull off the driveway every morning. Another trick that works for me is to have my squeegee and towel resting on the hood-that way I’ll have zero excuses when it comes to cleaning my headlights.

Tip #4: Try to Keep your Gas Tank Full as Often as Possible. Seriously, winter is the worst time to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere or miles away from civilization, although i wouldn’t want to scare you or anything. While summer is the time to hitchhike or walk to the nearest gas station to get some gas for your ride, fewer vehicles are out during the winter season. Unless you’d like to get hypothermia walking to a fuel station that’s miles away from where you’re parked, or waiting in your car with only the heat of your engine keeping your blood passably fluid, I suggest you keep things safe by keeping your fuel tank close to full as often as possible.

If you do get stranded due to engine failure, please don’t keep your engine sleep and running in the confines of your locked and weatherproof car, another reminder. If you happen to have exhaust leaks, carbon monoxide may seep in-and we all know how carbon monoxide tends to have fatal side effects. I mean, why else would movie stars use it to “off” themselves, right?

Again, avoid this scenario altogether by keeping your tank filled with gas.

Tip #5: Check your Tires for Signs of Wear and Regularly Inspect Your Tire Pressure Levels. Unless you’re driving with brand new snow tires, it’s crucial that you keep your old snow tires in tiptop condition. If snow isn’t really a problem in your area, it still pays to keep your regular tires in great working order, now. Before collision, remember the difference between getting to your destination of choice safely and colliding with an immovable tree or road sign during the course of your travels would have to be your ability to stop completely. Stopping efficiently and quickly requires you to have more than a dependable braking system, it requires excellent tire traction. Check your tire treads to see if your tires are in need of replacing. Also check your wheel alignment-heavy inside wear or outside wear indicates misaligned tires, which is something that you need to address immediately.

Also keep in mind that it’s harder to control your vehicle during winter time, so what you may consider as “normal” tire wear during summer may be disastrous come winter season. You need to check each tire’s tread depth to find out if it’s time to replace your worn tires, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Usually you need 2/32” of tread depth at the minimum to ensure that all your winter travels are going to be safe. I say, if you notice excessive wear on some parts of your tires-even if not all areas have less than 2/32”, replace your tires immediately. It’s one of the instances where it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Another tire-related tip that you need to keep in mind is periodically inspecting your tire pressure levels. Some people say that cold weather tends to decrease your tire pressure, so once in a while, do take the time to check each of your tires to see which ones are in need of a little more air. Remember, before you pump your tires to the maximum tire pressure allowable, check your tire pressure levels first! Pumping too much air into your tires can result to less traction, which really isn’t much better than driving soft tires.

To find out the right tire pressure levels for your ride, consult your owner’s manual or ask your local mechanic.

Lastly, do make it a point to carry a spare tire along each time you travel. Back that up with a reliable jack, your toolbox, and your owner’s manual in case you ever need a roadside tire change. It makes it harder for you to spot sharp rocks or debris along the road, because snowy weather tends to affect your driving visibility. In case you end up with a flat, at least you have all the tools you need to install your spare tire.

2015 Volkswagen Tiguan Is Making Future Waves


A full 7 years after Volkswagen’s sporty and original Tiguan compact SUV hit the market, Volkswagen has redesigned the Golf-based crossover for the 2015 model year, bringing an increase in exterior dimensions along with an all-new, more-inviting interior with upgraded ergonomics and a new tablet-style touchscreen infotainment system.

Underpinning the new Tiguan as well as VW’s Mark VII 2014 Golf, VW’s new modular MQB architecture will allow the Tiguan to maintain its commanding seating position – still with room for 5 passengers – while providing a more car-like driving experience akin to the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

In the U.S., VW will most likely offer the Tiguan with 2.-liter TSI gasoline and TDI turbodiesel engine options, bringing increased fuel efficiency along with greater power and torque output than the current model.